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Here are a few must-haves we think you will appreciate as much as we do:

Sheet-Fed Scanner for Desktop and Laptop

While flat bed scanners are the most common and our users can certainly use them to add documents to their real estate transactions within Expedite247, it can be very time consuming to scan more than a couple of pages.  For Real Estate professionals and those of us who frequently need to scan more than a few pages into our computer, a quality sheet-fed scanner is worth its weight in gold.

We recommend the Fujitsu ScanSnap series of sheetfed scanners.  We have used them for years, and love them.  

For laptop users and mobile professionals, the ScanSnap S3100 Color Personal Scanner is a perfect fit.  It can be powered using a USB port.  Its compact size makes it ideal to take to a client’s home.

For a shared or personal office environment, the Scan Snap S1500 will fit your budget.

For a high production office environment, the Scan Snap fi-6010N iScanner will provide the efficiency you need.

Mobile Scanner App

With your iPhone, Android or S60, you can create multipage PDFs by taking photos of any documents, whiteboards, invoices, etc.  Check out DocScanner or Scanner Pro

PDF Conversion Software

For those of us who do not have the ability to convert image or other types of files to the PDF format, there are many FREE PDF software conversion software available.  Please visit these CNET reviews.

Mobile App for Filling and Signing PDF

New mobile apps are coming out for filling our PDF forms and signing PDF files. No more printing and faxing back. 

For iPhone and iPad, check out Sign It

For iPad only, check out PDF Expert

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