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We had excellent experience with our loan officer using Expedite247, it was amazing how we were able to see what was happening and be notified step by step… Chris and Judy C. San Jose CA

As a marketing specialist at a high tech company, I have never trusted email for my personal information. I was happy to see that this concern is finally being taken seriously and that a secure channel for the transfer of my sensitive information was available. Expedite247 worked perfectly and was very easy to use during our recent home purchase...Tong P. San Jose CA

A very simply question..Where was Expedite247 two years ago when we helped our aging parent’s sell their home 350 miles away in San Diego? To get updates, all we could do was nag. It was awful!  When we recently sold our rental property in Santa Clara and our agent used Expedite247..it was a much better experience. We could see that our agent was on top of things all the way through... Jim and Carol S. Los Gatos CA

When we purchased our home in Saratoga, the process was administered through the Expedite247 online system,. It worked very well and was very easy to use... Dave A. Saratoga CA

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