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Didn't think a Paperless Office is possible? Expedite247 is your solution!

Permanent Document Storage
Each transaction specific document can be uploaded and saved permanently for future reference in the Expedite247 secure storage system. Easy to sort and find. No more storing of closed paper files for years and incurring the risk of loss, damage, or being compromised.

Access Permission....controlled and tracked
Unlike paper documents that can be viewed by anyone with access to the ‘filing cabinet’,  the documents stored at Expedite247 can only be viewed by those to whom you have given permission .  All documents are access controlled in transaction specific folders. Printable, dated receipts that detail the viewing of each document by other transaction participants are provided.

Upload documents by Fax
If you are a user without a scanner or access to soft copies of necessary documents.,,, No problem!  Hard copy paper documents can be added to a secure transaction by fax. Our Fax-to-File system will automatically drop your documents into the appropriate ‘secured’ transaction specific folder and notify the intended recipients, while still giving you full access control.  And best of all, it is completely automatic. Expedite247 has finally moved Faxing into the 21st century!

Access transaction documents securely, anywhere, anytime
Mobilize your paperwork.  Expedite247 frees you from the burden of carrying files with you as you move about.  With a secure login, you can now view, share, upload and confirm any of your documents on all  transactions, both past and present.  True portability and freedom from the constraints of the office are only a mouse click away!

No more paper notes
Are you tired of those sticky notes?  With Expedite247, you can enter and organize all of the notes you want under the Note tab for each transaction.

Loan Officer: Expedite247 has been used successfully by Loan Officers to dramatically reduce paper usage.  In fact, most loans can be processed online without any paper documents at all.

Real Estate Agents:  All Real Estate Agents can attest to the fact that their document requirements have increased every year.  The need for more disclosures and more forms has continued to grow unabated.  Reports and Inspections get more detailed everyday. The paperless way of transferring and saving these documents, reports and forms can finally be delivered by using Expedite247

Get rid of those stacks and stacks of paper. join today

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