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What is Expedite247?

Expedite247 is the next generation of secure real estate transaction communication and management. Expedite247 provides a secure environment for all parties of a transaction to share transaction details and documents, communicate, and maintaining the communication record.  Everyone of the transaction in one place in real time.

How secure is my information?

Using state of the art (SSL 3.0) encryption technology that hides all communications from outside viewers, Expedite247 takes the place of unsecure email and paper communication exchange.

How much does the service at Expedite247 cost and who pays for it?

The pricing is very simple.  Please see Pricing

What if not all the transaction parties join the Expedite247 transaction?

Expedite247 will still provide a much higher level of service even if a few transaction parties do not join, even though a complete circle (all transction parties join the Expedite247 transaction) makes for a much smoother transaction.  For an optimum experience to your next real estate transaction it is time to add the requirement of “Coordinate the transaction using  Expedite247” to your next contract.

Can I share my transactions in Expedite247 with my team members?

The sharing of a transaction is controlled by each user.  Please see Terms of Use.

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