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expedite real estate transaction engine

Expedite247 was founded by a group of real estate and web development professionals. We're dedicated to improving the experience of everyone involved in real estate transactions.

Because Expedite247 is about people, everything we do reflects the ethics and caring nature of each individual contributor.

bringing people together

We strongly believe that people are at the heart of every real estate transaction. The number one wish for the people involved in these transactions is to be kept in the loop, so communication is key.

Our goal is to bring everyone involved in a real estate transaction to a single secure place where they can exchange information and share ideas.

With Expedite247, all communication is tracked and everything relevant to the transaction is kept in one place. All parties can view the important dates, details and documents.

Instant and secure access, from anywhere

Paperless is the wave of the future, and Expedite247 allows instant secure access to documents with no need to compile stacks of paper. For the home buyer and seller, the result is peace of mind. For real estate professionals, elevating the standard of service and communication will bring more success.

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