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expedite real estate transaction engine

Whether you're selling, buying or refinancing a home, real estate transactions are complicated. Many participants, endless paperwork, countless last-minute changes and chances for misunderstanding. Yet each person in this circle is doing their best to make the transaction a success for everyone.

How do we streamline the process, make sense of the chaos, and create long-term connections that live past the closing? By bringing people together with Expedite247.

Expedite247 is a breakthrough in real estate -- a Patent Pending SaaS Cloud-based solution that connects the circle of sellers, buyers, agents, lenders and service providers, so they can communicate, submit, share and e-sign documents,track progress and maintain records - all in real time.
With Expedite247 all transaction logs are saved for future access,to help track legal and compliance requirements.
Best of all, Expedite247 is easy to use and guaranteed secure.

Click your role in the transaction to explore this exciting new tool!

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